Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Style Budget Month 3

I tried my best to manage my money early this month as I knew our Spring break trip to NC would be a big spending time for me. My father owns a house near Asheville and we were able to visit for the week. While here I was able to shop at a J. Crew Clearance Store, a J. Crew Warehouse Sale, and the retail store in Asheville. Everywhere I went the employees of J. Crew were truly fabulous and I found some amazing items.

I made $509 in sales this month with $142 on eBay and the rest on Poshmark. After all my J. Crew shopping my take home for the month was only $247. This was by far my best month in sales yet. 

Here is the visual:

 I still want to work to spend $0 for a month, but I'll have to try that next month...That being said here are the many items I bought this month.
And here are the items broken down by price (including shipping if paid) and their original retail value if known.

1.-$45 Corso Como @amazon normally $130 [RETURNED]
2.-$15 J. Crew Stripe Sleeve Tee (normally $45)
3.- $14.50 ON short skinny sweetheart jeans  Reg. $29
4.-$10.50 ON Raglan baseball color block sweater (Reg.$30)
5.-$17 navy pumps (normally $49)
6.-$17 cream purse 
7. -$6 Loft dot camisole in taupe not black as shown  (Reg. $24)
8.-$6 Loft boat neck
9. -$ Loft petite Julie cords in rust not black as shown $9 (Reg. $59.50)
10.-$12.50 J. Crew Factory Crystal Thorn necklace (normally $36.50)
11.-$101 J. Crew warehouse sale- Martina's in patent leather in Apricot Mist (and many other items!) Retail price $180
12. $16 Paypal/ IG necklace imitation of J. Crew Factory necklace which retails for $64
13.-$20 J. Crew Tulip Resin Necklace- In store only retails for $88
14.-$16 J. Crew Lightweight Terry Tee in (mine is the navy version versus the red above) Stripe, normally $65
15.-$24 navy lace trim swiss dot top, normally $138

Total Spent $262.50 but that is drastically under what I would have paid if I paid retail prices. If I paid retail I would have paid $808 and that is not including #6 or 8 as I couldn't find their original prices.

I was SO sad about the Corso Como shoes (#1) not working out as they were top notch quality and really lovely in person. Sadly, the toe box was just too small for me. Of course, there was not a 9.5 available to try to exchange them for. If anyone has a brand for super comfy and cute heels to suggest I would LOVE to know them!

Overall, I am happy with my purchases. I sold all of my old necklaces on Poshmark this month and so I am now in the market to replace them with new and diverse styles.

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