Sunday, August 31, 2014

Style Budget Month 8: August

1. $43 on eBay for two pairs of CafĂ© Capris (not shown) 
2. $22 J. Crew Crystal Fiesta Necklace 
3. $14 NWOT Stripe Tippi on eBay 
4. $15 Kendra Scott Inspired Rayne tassel necklace from Purple Peridot (not shown) 
5. $12 Merona Leopard pony hair heels on Poshmark (not shown)
6. $19 Patent leopard J. Crew Martina's on Poshmark 
7. $25 on Poshmark for a nwot J. Crew Tilda blouse 
8. $20 beaded rose necklace and sunflower necklace from J. Crew via Instagram 
9. Fabeltics $15 for a three piece outfit (not shown) 
10. $54 at J. Crew for Modernism necklace and painter button stripe tee. 
11.$26 on eBay  J. Crew wool black cafe capris (not shown)

Spent= $264

Total  Made= $ 632 (on Poshmark only, no eBay sales this month) 

$632 made - $264 spent = total made $368

Linking up with Franish of budgeting bloggers as usual. 

Reflection: Out of the things I bought this month, I've been wearing the pendant necklaces the most. Meghan at Hayes Days (see link below) told me that they elongate the torso and I think that has been making me reach for them more than some of my other statement necklaces. What necklace did I not need? The Kendra Scott inspired Rayne necklace in hot pink that I have only worn once and briefly at that. What item do I need more of? Cafe Capris, of course. ;) I'm also glad to have made money this month as my family really needed it. Being a teacher and having summer off is fantastic, but it hurts to not get paid for almost three months. 

How did you all do with budgeting this month?