Sunday, January 26, 2014

Style Budget Month 1: January

For a resolution of sorts, I am now going to track and control my fashion related spending. I want to limit myself to no more than $100 spent on clothing, shoes, accessories per month. However, a blogger friend pointed out that I could use Posh and eBay as a loophole. I am applying that principle here. I have created some photos to assist with the budget blog. I'm also hoping to track how the money was spent and to recall if items were worth the $$. The background image on the first picture is the velvet School Boy blazer. It came as a gift from my dad this month and I am debating what to do with it. Also, in the following picture post the unaccounted money from post one was spent at Target or on eBay. The two main retailers that tempted me to spend this month were J. Crew (and Factory) and Old Navy. Without further ado, (thanks Meghan), here are the details:

$192 at J. Crew for six items. All of which I love (the shoes I'm obsessing over), but the lace blouse I'm unsure of the length and the military shirt is quite thick.

$66 at Old Navy, which was more originally but the puffer vest and leggings have been returned. Yoga pants are my work out staple and these were needed to replace older pairs. 

Overall, I could have done worse. But certainly if I can quit spending I will be doing much better. This is step one and here it goes...

Total spent for the month after balancing out with eBay and Poshmark sales =$67! 


  1. That's awesome! I need to see how much I spent. I wanted to do budgeting bloggers too. You should link up with Franish. She's the one who started it. She also does it quarterly, which I love.

    1. Took your advice and linked up with Franish! Also, working to update/ modernize how I will do my budget post next. Thanks for being my inspiration!