Friday, March 27, 2015

Style Budget Month 3: March

March 2015 

1 & 2.$41 J. Crew black tassel top and ponderosa pine sateen toothpick pants
3-5.$48 Factory: slim wool pants, intarsia sweater, black knit scarf
6. $22 for 2 Factory l/s stripe tee in grey & coral (coral not shown) 
7 & 8. $54 at DSW Leopard Vans and Really Flat black leather flats by Dr. Scholl's (not shown) 
9. $32 NWT blue Café Capris on eBay (not shown) 
10. $24 EUC Corso Como leather wedges on eBay
11. $37 DSW for Dr. Scholl's Really Flat shoes in calf hair leopard
12. $23 on eBay for J.Crew NWT Heather Merino V neck cardigan (not shown)
13. $24 on eBay for J.Crew EUC green silk Blythe blouse (not shown) 

Spent $305 - Made $174 on Poshmark = Total Spent $131


My absolute favorite item this month has to be the Really Flat shoes from Dr. Scholl's. They are so comfy and come in about 10 different color/fabric choices. Another love this month are the Sateen Toothpicks from J.Crew. I made sure to include links above in case anyone wold like to try these items out. They are both very reasonably priced and top notch in quality.

A few things that have not been worn yet would be the scarf and intrasia sweater from Factory, but they were on super sale so I bought them to save for next winter. The V neck from eBay has yet to arrive, but I already have three this style and know it is lovely, with our weather it won't be worn until cooler months return.

I also had a few eBay fails in that the  Corso Como wedges were not at the EUC level as stated in the description. I still like them and plan to wear them, but would have liked to have paid less for them.  Another eBay misstep on my end is the silk Blythe blouse, I forget I have my computer brightness turned down and when I saw the blouse I clicked buy now as I love green and I love this style from J.Crew, sadly, the top is more of a neon green and is too bright for me.

How did you all do this month?

I'm linking up with Fran for Budgeting Bloggers as usual. 

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  1. Wish I could get this pear shape into the toothpicks. That ain't ever gonna happen. I was a fan of the matchstick fit. I love the look of the Corso Como wedges. I hate it when things arent "euc" but more like "guc" or even less. Poshmark has saved me a lot of buyers remorse in that category. I can't tell you the last time I bought used on ebay because of that.