Thursday, May 1, 2014

Style Budget Month 4: April

Hello All, it is time for my monthly Budgeting Blogger post again. 

Here are the items I bought this month.

1-4. $63  all from J. Crew, scroll work necklace from $75, tuxedo tank from $88, Tippi in Turquoise from $79.50 (used a gift card for some of order), $18 for the merino tipped side panel v neck sweater from $89.50
5. $47 Green Cece's on eBay from $128 normally 
6.$25 tipped silk tee in windowpane J. Crew from $118
7. $25 tipped silk tee in diamond print from J. Crew from $118
8- 13.$114 on J. Crew Factory: stripe boat neck at $15 instead of $42, two Clare cardigans at $15 each instead of $55 each, camp shirt for $18 instead of $65, printed cotton button down for $22 instead of $65, polka dot popover for $22 instead of $70
14. $16 (including shipping cost) Edith Marie Necklace, The Amy
15. $31 Pre- Owned Gentle Souls Fortune Stella via eBay from $238 retail

I Spent $321 for the month of April.

However, I made money too. 
+328 on Poshmark +50 on eBay = Total Made $378

$378 Made- $321 spent =$57 Made for the month of April

If I paid retail prices for the items I would have spent a whopping $1198! By not paying retail prices for anything and shopping sales I managed to save $877. 

I am really happy with items 1-4 for this post. Of course, I'm a J. Crew addict, but these pieces are timeless, versatile, and all around amazing prices. Yes, I may have purchased a Tippi (Item 1) sweater (or two) every month this year. I just can't help myself. They are literally the best sweaters ever. I mean why wear anything else? Item 3, the tipped side panel merino sweater in poolside navy, was a surprise love for me. It is a baggy fit, but I felt comfortable with it and a pair of skinny jeans. I haven't worn the scroll-work necklace or the tuxedo tank, so that tells me they may get resold in the future. 

My main shoe purchase (item 5) for the month of April is a pair of green suede Cece flats from eBay, NIB. I paid $47 for them while they retail for $128 new. I also went up half a size in them to a 9.5. I don't own anything quite this color green, but I think the color will look nice with navy, which I seem to wear almost every day.  I have worn them twice already and am a fan of the fit and style.

Items 6 and 7 were not needed, but again a sale got me for 7 and then by chance an amazing J. Crew VPS was able to locate the windowpane tee when I thought for sure it was gone, and so I ended up with two of these. Yep. I have since worn both silk tops and I am complety enamored of them. I wil wear them year round and they are well worth the money. 

Then J. Crew Factory had a sale and offered 25% off on top of that and I went a bit crazy shopping. Items 8-13 are all Factory items and the crazy part is I got them all for only $114!

Next, I heard about Edith Marie jewelry on Ginny's blog and again of Intsagram, so naturally I couldn't resist placing an order. I got one item to start but it is as fabulous as I imagine I will be back for more soon. I already have my eye on the tassel necklace after seeing both Ginny and Tara style it in amazing ways. 

The last item was a bid I wasn't sure if I'd get on eBay and with shipping I managed to score these Gentle Souls black pumps for $31! They retail for $238, so this felt like a good buy.  They have yet to arrive so I can't attest to the fit and style at this time, but I have tried the brand before and they have been incredibly comfy and well made.

Alright, well this month was not really an improvement over last month. If anything I spent just as much and made less. I feel bad that I was not able to keep more of a profit this month and I really need to work hard to make money for our family as the summer is quickly approaching. As a teacher that means almost three whole months without getting paid! Also, next month is my birthday month and that seems like a good month to take it easy on the spending.

I'm linking up with Franish of Budgeting Bloggers as usual here.


  1. I'm really loving everything you added this month. I think it'll really help develop your wardrobe further. From the outfit posts from this past month I really think they already have!

    1. I replied below and not directly to this post on accident. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks so much for commenting Meghan. I feel like my style is really growing and changing, in fact, I feel it is the best it has ever been now! Weight issues and pre-post baby dilemmas aside. :)

  3. These seem like really nice versatile items! I love those silk tops!

    1. I love the silk tops too! I have already worn them twice (or more) each! Thanks for stopping by!