Friday, May 30, 2014

Style Budget Month 5: May

Wow! It has been almost a month since I posted here. Sorry! When you see the items below you will think I spent the entire month shopping. Instead, I spent the entire month grading AP essays, senior portfolios, final exams, and now finishing up my semester grades. Sheesh!

On to the budget...

Is bad that I started May's budget on April 26th? I hope not. That combined with my Birthday ended up being a bad month. In fact, this may have been my worst month budget wise yet. Oddly, all my shopping was either the end of April or on my birthday weekend too. I basically went crazy with shopping on a few days this month and now my summer budget is at $0! At least I got some fun pieces that should keep me busy for a bit.

Here they are.

May Shopping
1 &2.  $16 for 2 necklaces on Groopdealz mint & white
3-5. $45 for three (used once) Tippi's on eBay for $45 for all, normally $80 each 
6. $19 for a NWT  J. Crew lace merino sweater via eBay instead of $98 retail 
7. $20 Ameernoor on for necklace, Flower Lattice necklace retail $228
8-10. $72 at J. Crew Factory: $12 earrings, $12  hat,  $48 shoes 
11. $25 for NWT J. Crew navy tuxedo stripe cafe capris on eBay normally $89. 
12-15. $41 at Old Navy: 1 pair of jean shorts $16, a heather blue boat neck $4, boat neck navy tee $12, and a linen split neck tee $9
16. $13 at GAP for a fitted boyfriend Swiss dot top originally $55
[17-24 were Birthday gifts from myself & or husband. ]
17-19. $52 at J. Crew: $20Vintage cotton silk tee from $50, jeweled oxford Peter Pan boy shirt$40 instead of $110, side panel merino sweater $18 from $90 (paid some with rewards card) 
20. Out of print tee for $19.60 vs $28 (and for a good cause!) 
21 & 22. $28 for 2 Edith Marie necklaces, Trish and Goldie 
23.  $116 at the Kate Spade outlet: for Neda and Sophie
24.  $40 at J. Crew Factory for the Anya flats in blue suede

Total Spent = $486

Made:  $80 eBay + $260 Posh  =$340

Spent= $146

Wow! My total spent is really embarrassing! 

Here is a quick summary of the items. I have not yet worn the mint leaf necklace yet (#2), nor have I worn any of the new Tippi sweaters (3-6). I also haven't worn 17 from J.Crew yet either, but I love the soft grey color in person. Also, it is close to 100 degrees each day here in FL, so I can't even think about wearing wool.

I have gotten tons of wear out of the Anya suede flats (both pairs 10 &24). Those of you looking for shoes like the Cece flats, these are just as nice and maybe a bit wider. I've also worn the black vintage cotton silk back tee from J.Crew a ton, it is versatile enough to go from work to weekend for me.

I have worn both Edith Marie necklaces (21 & 22) a bunch since I got them and the prices and quality continue to please me. This was my second order and I will likely order again when I can.

I've worn all the ON items quite a bit, particularly the jean shorts and the split neck linen top and if you are looking for cooler weight summer items I would recommend them. I may buy more in the top as I just saw they are on sale for $11 today. I also got a crepe midi skirt when shopping with my mom that is not shown above that I adore. Check it out if you need something more conservative and cool for summer/work.

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  1. I can't believe what a fantastic deal you got on those tippi sweaters! I really like the colors!

    1. Thanks Laura! I haven worn them yet, but if we ever get a cool day I will.:) thanks for stopping by!

  2. I need to finish my budget. It probably looks pretty terrible too, but like you said, plenty to keep you busy all summer. Whatever I don't wear I'm planning on selling come August 1.

  3. Wow' you got a lot this month, love the jewelry you picked!

    1. Somehow just seeing this comment.:/ Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. No need to be embarrassed!! Especially when you were able to resell so much too! Besides the Kate Spade items, everything you got was a great deal and it sounds like they're items you'll be loving and wearing all summer. Most of my typical clothing purchases are from thrift stores so I envy those of you who find such great deal on clothes online (that actually fit when you try them!) I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. Just enjoy all your new goodies :)
    Stopping by from Franish!
    Exploring My Style

    1. Thanks for stopping by and also thanks for the support! The KS items were a splurge for me and birthday gifts, so I am really trying not to feel guilty. :)

  5. loved the necklacee!