Thursday, June 26, 2014

Style Budget Month 6: June

June Style Budget aka the month where I only shop at J. Crew (and do way too much of it!) all during a #noshopsummer IG challenge.

Here are the details:
1. $13 on Groopdealz for 2 necklaces from Ivory Bleu (not pictured)
2. $24 Lands End Order: Canvas Tote large with monogram (not pictured)
3 & 4. $38 at J. Crew: $17 J. Crew Ebony Weekdays Cotton Tee & $21 J. Crew  linen diamond ikat top
5. $37 at J. Crew Factory: 2 Clare cardigans (not pictured)
6. $44 for the J. Crew photo floral patio skirt 
7 & 8. $39 at J. Crew: $15 linen baseball top & $24 Embroidered lace top 
9. $30 at J. Crew: $30 Amie maxi dress
10. $65 for the J. Crew Downing Tote 
11 -13. $53 at J. Crew: Chambray Popover $15, Tippi $18 (not shown), Honeypie Perfect Shirt $20

Spent $343

Made $126 on Posh + $154 on eBay
Total=$ 280

Total Spent$ 63 for the month 

I've worn three of the top four black shirts at least twice each, so I know they were good purchases for my closet. I also have tons of navy and very little black, so these were good choices in that respect as well. A surprise love for me is the Downing Tote, while the skirt is an item that has been on my wish list for MONTHS so it feels good to finally own it. I'm planning to wear the Chambray popover as I travel to NC tomorrow where I am sure I will do some shopping with the lovely Asheville retail J. Crew store and the Clearance Center in Arden near where I will be staying. 

Happy Summer all! 

Linking up with Fran for another month of budgeting bloggers here.


  1. Love your picks! I'm glad you like the sweater and obviously it's been a good pick!

  2. You get such amazing deals at J Crew and J Crew Factory! I really like that lace embroidered top!