Thursday, January 29, 2015

Style Budget Month 1: January

Well... I thought I would set the goal of spending only $250 for the month to be more budget conscious this month and I basically blew it. However, I am hopeful that I can improve and need to take it one month at a time.  I also didn't spend quite as much when you factor in my Poshmark sales.

That being said here is what I got this month.

1. $54 J. Crew online for an oversized turtleneck and sleeveless graphic plaid shirt
2. $126 at Clearance store for 8 items: 4 black sweaters, Maddie pants, leggings, white boy shirt, & orange silk blouse ( Items not shown) 
3. $51 Target Polka Dot Wool Long Coat by Merona (30% off sale, 10% off coupon, and 5% off with red card!) 
4. $18 Stripe endless shirt and side sequin shirt $21
5. $29 Open shawl cardigan at the Clearance store (not shown) 
6. $25 tortoise pendant necklace J. Crew online

Spent $324

Made $155 on Poshmark

Spent $324- Made $155= $169 Spent

For my thoughts on the items I think the pendant necklace has already been worn four or five times making it well worth the price I paid for it. The two shirts on the bottom are a bit longer than what I am used to and are taking some getting used to in terms of styling, however, I think in the long run the overall look of the pieces make them versatile for my closet. I LOVE the oat and am glad I got it and the new longer length coat is much warmer than my usual pea coat staple.  A surprise love for me in the oversized turtleneck, which is now the second one in my closet. It is such a comfy and cozy piece and I love it so, if you are in the market I would suggest you grab one if you can.

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  1. That polka-dot coat is great! I moved from New York to Florida and I dearly miss my coat wardrobe!

  2. You got a ton of stuff though for the amount of money you spent! That coat is beautiful.

  3. wow, i wish i had that much success selling on poshmark! i listed a few items on there recently and didn't see any action, so i moved my items over to ebay. any poshhmark tips?